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No Alpha this week

Sorry guys! I’m currently busy with other, real-life related things.

Alpha #4

This is the Alpha #4 of my currently unnamed platforming-action-rpg.

Did significantly more work than last week! Also, I’m trying to post every weekend, if you didn’t noticed yet.

  • Added basic physics! :D (Using Extreme Physics by Maarten Baert)
  • Created a list for shapes of the object (ball or rectangle only, as of now)
  • More work on the animation-editor.
  • Added two scripts which make creating floor in the editor more comfortable.
  • Fixed a bug with platforming.

Thanks for checking out! (:

Alpha #3

This is the Alpha #3 of my currently unnamed platforming-action-rpg.

Not much work this week, holidays are over and the time after them usually is the hardest :b


  • Added stone blocks
  • Some small work on the animation-editor
  • Created a (very basic) script object. 

Gonna see if I find time for more content next week (:

Alpha #2

This is the Alpha #2 of my currently unnamed platforming-action-rpg.

Oh man, I always wondered why people cry when they say good bye to good friends.
Now, being in the same situation I do realize why.

However, I guess I should do an update, even though it’s 1:30 AM here.
 Some new assets. They fit quite nicely together in my opinion (:
Okay, here are (most of) the changes:
- Some work on the platforming system (still has a few bugs which I need to address soon)
- Added a few art assets: Furniture, fruits (which are way to big at the moment), and wooden pillars.
- Some changes on the editor, like making things either solid or unsolid

Until next week I should do some progress with the animation-editor, and fix the bugs left in the platforming-system (; 

Alpha #1

Nono, don’t get me wrong judging by the title, it’s no release. That will have to wait for a longer time.

Basically, it’s pretty hard to keep track of what I did in the last few days. So, I’ll just post a list of basic features that are in the game now:

  • Level-Editor
  • Level-Editor-Tools: Add object, delete object, flip object, rotate object, move object. You can switch on a grid on all tools (other than add object, of course :b).
  • Animation-Editor which isn’t really started/working yet.
  • Player
  • Player-Actions: Moving/jumping (\o\), moving on slopes (not so spectacular), wallrunning (working on that atm.).

Doesn’t sound like too much, does it? Meh, I just started with the game! I’ll work on the player movement a bit, then probably make levels saveable and then bring the animation-editor to life. Let’s see.

Tumblr. It’s been 3 months, and for me it seemed like an eternity.

I did less programming in that time (the most of it creating a little 3d rpg, but not sure if I’m going to continue it). However, now it’s time to get a bit more ‘serious’ again. I’d like to create a 2D platform-fighting-rpg game, and already started working on it. That’s mainly why I’m posting this: To keep being motivated, I’d like to write entrys with my progress over the last few days in them. I already did that with my pirate-rpg (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go back to the older entrys), and it really kept me motivated over a long time. The reason I dropped it back then was mainly because I didn’t understand large amounts of my own code anymore and the sheer number of bugs in it.
I’m already hard-at-work with creating an ingame-editor which already works surprisingly good. There are some basic functionalities left to be put in, but I’m pretty happy with the results of it.
Here’s a screenshot of it in action:
Picture of the editor
Screenshot of the editor in-action!

After that, I’ll start working on an animation editor (:
I’ll probably post another blog-entry in the next few days  with the progress from now.

A mini-release!

In the last two weeks I worked on a platformer which I plan to be a small project. Since it’s already in a playable state and I didn’t blogged for a long time, I think it’s just fair to present it to you.

So what is this game about?
Well, basically it’s a platformer in which you have to get to the goal as quick as possible. There are neither enemys nor weapons or gore (although there are spikes!), but a lot of explosions and glass-shards.

Tell me about the features!
Okay, I guess you’ll be more glad about a list of them.
- Three stages
- Five characters (one to be found in each stage)
- Walljumping!
- Mini-trampolines!
- Lots of explosions
- Lots of glass
- Lighting
- Highscores for each stage (measured by time)

Show me some screenshots.
Here you go

And where’s the download?
Here (and here for the mirror).

I’d like to report a bug/rage about it/leave feedback in general
Either message me on Twitter @iPhoenixx3 or e-mail me directly: ip-hoen-ix at hotmail dot de (please remove the “-“s. They are there to prevent spambots, thanks)

And now, please enjoy the mini-release (:

Been a long time again. I have no idea why, but reallife really seems to crush lots of my projects. Caused by that I have about 100 (jk) ideas for new games - but just not the motivation to even finish one halfway through.

Still, I’m trying. In the past days I looked into lots of different things. Now I think it is time to finally do something. I have a concept of a strategy-game, similar to Anno and such. Also, endless maps, anyone?
I think this could really help showing myself my “skills”: Random map-generation (again!), AI and all those things.

I think I’ll be able to show something on the next Screenshotsaturday, or atleast that’s my goal. Let’s see if I achieve that! :D

Some project I’m working on.

Since I didn’t really came back into blogging for some time, I thought it would be just fair to inform you about what I’m currently creating.

It’s gonna be some kind of action-platform-rpg. That means double- and walljumping,
which hopefully will end in a lot of athletics, secret paths and stuff!

Also, plans are to add an innovative (heck yeah! q:) spell-system (I finished the basic plans already) and custom created weapons, which hopefully will raise the emergent-gameplayness (is that even a word?) further.

Maybe even housing, mining etc. as a side-aspect, who knows?

I’ll try to knock out some images for you as soon as possible, but since it really isn’t that much right now, it wouldn’t be much of use.

Currently in work is attacking (with ready-made weapons, blargh o:).
After that I’ll try to do lighting of some kind, and then starting to add an inventory, the weapon- and the spell-system.

Oh, by the way, the game is only keyboard/gamepad, in case you care.